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    Retail Store design and fitout

    Make your retail store the centre of attention!

    Make heads turn when they see your attractive displays and encourage them to buy your products. We are a shopfitter company in Brisbane specialising in retail shop fit outs. We also offer other commercial fit out services for offices, gyms, cafes, restaurants, and medical clinics. Whether you are establishing a small boutique or managing a large retail chain, we provide our clients with a store fit out that includes the following:

    Full Service Approach

    Our full service approach streamlines our retail fit out process. From start to finish, we oversee the entire project to ensure that we carry out our responsibilities efficiently. Our team handles the design planning, necessary building certifications and approvals, demolition, and construction, fitout and furnishings.

    Personalised Consultation

    Save time repeating your instructions to different people when you work with us. Deal with only a single point of contact throughout the project to facilitate smooth communication and accurate execution.

    Ongoing Support

    We provide ongoing support in maintaining, modifying, or upgrading your shop to accommodate your growing consumer base. Whenever you need to make changes to your layout design, we’ll extend our services to help you achieve success.

    Impress customers with a stunning retail store that quickly captures their interests. Whatever products you’re selling, persuade them to purchase with a well-planned layout and striking designs. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation and discover how our retail shop fitouts can elevate your brand and boost your business success.


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    Don’t let a cluttered layout be the cause of stagnating sales.

    Confusing store arrangements can frustrate customers, prompting them to exit quickly if they struggle to locate items. Failing to rectify this promptly can lead to significant sales drops. In the retail sector, where consumer spending drives success, it’s crucial your store is well optimised and entices shoppers to buy.

    Why Choose Us

    We understand how sales drive a store to success. Consumers are more enticed to buy something from a store with a well-designed layout and eye-catching displays. However, if your store seems dull, confusing or hard to navigate, customers will most likely go to another competitor.

    That’s why we are here to turn things around for you. As retail fit out contractors, we can create a retail store that attracts customers to look around and make a purchase. When we do our fitouts, we incorporate your brand identity into the store’s design to showcase your uniqueness and stand out from your competitors. We also ensure that your shop has a great blend of aesthetics and functionality to better serve your customers and optimise workflow for employees

    Why are we the best retail shopfitters for you? Here are some of the reasons:

    Full Service Approach

    Our full service approach allows us to provide our clients with a complete service from start to finish. With our end-to-end project management, we’re able to offer a streamlined process to guarantee efficiency and finish the project on time. Work with our team to come up with a layout design, seek approvals and certifications, and finally construct your new store.

    Personalised Consultation

    Other retail fitout companies in Brisbane will make you deal with different people for every stage during the fitout process. That’s not how we work. With us, you’ll only have to deal with one person to save time. Our personalised consultation promotes better communication and smoother management.

    Ongoing Support

    When your store succeeds, you’ll see an increase in customers and sales. When this happens, your space might not be able to handle the increased capacity and need to be modified to accommodate the growth. We provide ongoing support for this kind of situation and we’ll see to it that your store will also be maintained with our maintenance services.

    Don’t wait until you run out of customers. Stay ahead of the game and win the hearts (and wallets) of consumers. It’s time to improve your store appearance and functionality by contacting us for your free on-site consultation.

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    5 Brilliant Benefits of a Retail Fitout in Brisbane

    Increase Brand Visibility

    In the retail industry, you want to ensure that your brand is front and centre. With our design team, we can help you incorporate your brand into the store’s design and style to let customers know what you represent. A great design effectively increases brand alignment and visibility, leading to more customers and more sales.

    Improve Sales

    If customers like what they see in a store, they’re more likely to purchase items. Great designs paired with efficient service make a great combination towards the store’s success. Having more customers will result in more sales which drives the store’s growth.

    Enhance Customer Experience

    Customers love stunning displays. The use of technology such as interactive displays and thoughtful use of lighting also enhances the customer experience and keeps them interested. To help customers navigate the store easily, having a well-designed layout helps them shop effortlessly.

    Build Brand Loyalty

    When customers are satisfied with their shopping experience, you’ll get brand loyalty in return. Visually appealing designs and functionality make customers become repeat buyers.

    Promote Sustainability

    A lot of people nowadays are more concerned with helping the environment so they look for companies that are also aligned with their ideals. We can incorporate eco-friendly materials in our projects so you can demonstrate your company’s dedication to looking after our earth.

    A Revamped Retail Store in 4 Easy Steps

    Call Us

    If you’re ready to start with your store fitout, contact us so we can schedule a free on-site consultation. We’ll discuss more about your goals and inspect your site so we can create an initial plan.


    Finetune the Plan

    Our in-house design team finetune the plan so it aligns with your goals better and combines them with professional inputs. This becomes a more comprehensive and optimised plan. Then, we secure the necessary building certifications and approvals before we provide you a fixed-price quote.

      Prompt Construction

      Once the plan is approved, we start the building process. We demolish any existing structures that need to be removed before we can continue with the construction. We work closely with you to ensure that we finish the project in the given timeframe.

      Charm Customers With Your New Store

      With your newly designed store and stunning displays, watch customers pour inside the store and be tempted to purchase your products. In case of tweaks and changes, we provide you with maintenance and modifications based on your store’s needs.

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      Retail Store Fitout FAQs

      What is a retail fit out?

      A retail fitout is the process of transforming your retail store into a new and vibrant shopping place. As a retail fitout company in Brisbane, we cater our services to both small boutiques and large retail chains. We deliver great results that attract customers to check out their stores and make a purchase.

      If you are interested, contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation. Let’s see how we can help you transform your own store.

      How do I make people visit my store?

      Before people come inside your store, you need to catch their attention from the outside first. Your signage and outdoor decor should already be captivating so you can pique their interest. If they find them fascinating, they’ll probably go inside to check out what you have to offer.

      Once inside your store must have good lighting, a well-designed layout for better movement, and strategic merchandise displays to influence customers to make a purchase. Additionally, background music can help create the desired brand aligned vibe. These are just some of the many elements which encourage customers to visit your store.

      What colour schemes should I use for my store?

      Colour schemes depend on your brand identity and what emotions you want to invoke from your customers. Work with our design team so we can choose the appropriate colours that depict your brand and enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

      Is there an easy way to make changes in my store without spending a lot of money?

      If you’re thinking of long-term, a modular design is perfect to accommodate changes in the future without spending money on structural changes. Modular designs are flexible so you can arrange fixtures and furniture to adapt to the changing trends. It also allows you to rearrange items easily so customers can spot them instantly.

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