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    Cafe design and fitout Brisbane

    Establish your own comfy and cosy cafe!

    Be the first option when friends and family want to catch up with each other. We are a construction company specialising in shopfitting services in Brisbane including cafes, coffee shops, restaurant fitouts and other establishments such as offices, gyms, and retail stores. Whether you are establishing a new location or refurbishing your current space, we are here to provide:

    • Full Service Approach: We make the entire fitout process easier by offering a complete service from start to finish. We are responsible for the design, approvals and certifications, demolition, and building of your new place.
    • Personalised Service: Save more time when you work with us. Work with only a single point of contact for better communication and management. No need to deal with different people throughout the project.
    • Ongoing Support: We provide continuous support to ensure that your cafe stays thriving by offering maintenance and modification services to keep up with your growing consumer base.

    If you want to impress your customers with efficient service and comfy aesthetics, we can deliver a great cafe or restaurant fit out that will make them come back for more.

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    Don’t let bad design drive away your customers!

    Bad cafe layouts often result in inefficient poor service and irritable customers. In the highly competitive cafe industry where customers are spoilt for choice, once they encounter a bad experience in your cafe, they’ll never give it a second chance. If you want to build a loyal and raving customer base, make sure your cafe design facilitates both aesthetics and service efficiency.

    Attract Customers With A New Cafe Fit Out

    We understand how difficult it is to create a successful cafe. With the increasing number of cafes and restaurants popping up, competition is getting harder by the minute. One way to stand out from the pack is to provide your customers with a seamless experience combined with visuals that highlight your cafe’s uniqueness.

    That’s were we step in. As a commercial interior fit out company we can help create a cafe or coffee shop that harmoniously achieves both of those things. When we undertake a cafe fit out, we place a high priority on the design aspect, understanding the owner’s ideas and then turning them into a concrete plan that emphasises staff efficiency, customer comfort, and distinctive aesthetics.

    Not only do we care about the success of your cafe, but there are several reasons why we are the main choice for cafe fit outs:

    Full Service Approach

    We’re committed to giving you a complete cafe fit out service from start to finish. Our comprehensive end-to-end project management allows us to oversee the entire project step-by-step and ensure that we finish within the given timeframe. Work with our team to create a well-planned layout design, seek necessary approvals and building certifications and finally construct and fitout your cafe. Our streamlined process makes it easier for our clients to achieve their desired results.

    Personalised Service

    With other construction companies, you’ll have to deal with several people throughout the project such as salesperson, estimator, project manager, and site manager. We eliminate that time-consuming aspect by having only a single point of contact throughout the project. No need to repeat your instructions to different people. Free up your time when you work with us.

    Ongoing Support

    As your business grows, so does the need to keep up with the demand. We provide our clients with upgrade, maintenance, and modification solutions to ensure that your cafe can handle the increased capacity. Our commitment to you goes beyond the completion of our fitout service. If your cafe needs structural changes, we’re glad to be of service.

    What are you waiting for? Let’s build your cafe and create a place where people can enjoy a relaxed ambiance and great service thanks to the smart and efficient layout. Call us today for a free consultation.

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    4 Benefits of a Cafe Fit Out in Brisbane

    Enhanced Visual Appeal

    A cafe fit out elevates the visual appeal of a cafe. Stand out from the competition with an Instagram-worthy cafe design that shows your unique brand identity. Attract customers with a cosy and comfy ambience that will make them invite their friends and family to see the place themselves.

    Improved Service Efficiency

    A well-planned layout makes workflow efficient resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. From an optimised kitchen layout design to a maximised seating area, having a seamless workflow makes busy mornings manageable and also makes customers become regular patrons with your exceptional service.

    Increase Brand Visibility

    With the right balance of efficiency and aesthetics, expect your cafe to be the newest talk of the town and it all starts with a well-thought-out and well-executed fit out plan. Increased visibility also leads to more sales, which is a great sign in a saturated industry.

    Practices Sustainability

    To do our part in minimising the negative impact on the environment, we incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable materials in our fit outs. Using energy-efficient appliances and lighting also reduces operational costs.

    A New Cafe Fit Out in 4 Easy Steps

    Call For Free Consultation

    Start the process by calling us for a free on-site consultation. We meet up with you to inspect your space and discuss your preferences. Then, we create an initial floor plan based on your requirements.


    Tailor Fit The Design

    We refine the initial concept by making it more comprehensive. Our design team tailors the new plan with your ideas and other aspects needed to create an optimised layout. We also start securing necessary documents and approvals before giving you a fixed price quote.

      Efficient Construction

      Once the plan is approved, we start the construction process by demolishing existing structures that need to be removed. We schedule the fit out closely with you to ensure that we minimise disruptions and finish the project on time.

      Watch Your Cafe Thrive

      Let your customers sit back, relax, and enjoy the cosy ambience. Pair it with great food and exceptional service to keep them coming back for more. We provide maintenance services to ensure a safe environment for everyone. In case you need to expand your space, we also offer modification services to accommodate business growth.

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      Brisbane Cafe Fitout FAQs

      What design is best for my cafe?

      A cafe’s design has a great impact on customers so it’s important to give priority to it. The best design always depends on your brand identity and goals. Our in-house design team can help shape your vision into reality. We also consider other factors in designing your cafe such as its location, budget, and your target market.

      How to maximise my small cafe?

      Space planning is an important step in cafe fit out. When dealing with a small space, it’s important to find the balance between functionality, comfort and aesthetics. We help create a layout design that improves the cafe’s workflow and still be visually-appealing and comfortable for patrons. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation. Let us inspect your space and provide a complementary initial floor plan.

      What materials should I use for my cafe?

      It depends on a number of factors including your cafe’s branding and target market. Aesthetics also play a big part in attracting customers to your cafe but it also needs to be balanced with comfort and of course your budget. We use stylish, eco-friendly, and durable materials for our cafe fitouts to bring both aesthetics and comfort together without blowing the budget. Choosing the right materials elevates the cafe’s appearance and attracts customers to visit the place.

      How long does a fit out take?

      The duration of a cafe fit out depends on the size and planned design of the cafe. Small coffee shop fiouts generally take a shorter time to complete, but larger, high-end boutique cafes will take a longer time. But no matter the size of your space, we guarantee that our projects will be finished right on schedule without causing major disruptions to your operations.

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