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    Office Design and Fitout Brisbane

    Looking to change the environment in your office?

    Transform the way your office looks! We are a construction company specialising in commercial office fitouts in Brisbane. We make your office look and function better. Whether you want to change the layout or upgrade the technology you’re using, you can count on us to provide the following:

    • Full Service Approach: We make the whole process easier by providing a complete service from start to finish. We take care of the design, approvals and certifications, demolition, and building.
    • Personalised Service: No need to deal with different people for your desired results. Work with only one person throughout the shop fitout process for better communication and management.
    • Ongoing Support: Whether you need an office upgrade or just regular maintenance, we provide continuous support for your needs. As your business grows, our commitment to delivering great results stays with you.

    So if you’re after an all inclusive simple office fit out solution that will enhance the productivity of your employees, boost team morale, and impress your clients and partners then be sure to get in touch with us today to schedule a free on site consultation.

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    Our Office Fit Out Services In Brisbane

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    Small Office Fitouts Brisbane

    Some office fit out companies in Brisbane don’t provide small office fitouts. We cater to all kinds of businesses big and small. For small office fitouts, it can be challenging to find the right design due obvious space limitations. Our design team brings innovative space saving layouts, multipurpose furniture solutions and expansive visuals elements to maximise every square inch of office space. Helping you get the most bang for your buck.

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    Large Office fitouts Brisbane

    Depending on the unique needs and goals of your business we can design and construct the optimal fit out solution to help your team achieve new heights. Whether that be private soundproof rooms for meetings and conferences or space efficient cubicles for deep work. We are here to provide innovative solutions and precise execution to help you achieve your company’s goals.

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    Don’t settle for a cramped office and mediocre productivity.

    Nobody likes to work in a place where they don’t feel comfortable. Optimal productivity can’t be achieved when the work environment is suffocating. Cramped workspaces, disruptive layouts, and outdated technology and furniture are a recipe for mediocre team performance.

    Why Choose Us For Your Office Fit Out

    We understand the frustration of working in a cramped and outdated office space that is not fit for your company’s needs. It not only impacts your employees’ productivity but can also negatively impact the company’s brand reputation with suppliers, customers, and partners.

    That’s why we take office fitout design seriously. We get to understand the companies we’re working with and discuss their main goals and desires so that we can design and construct the optimal office layout to facilitate those aspirations and ultimately help them achieve their business goals by creating the perfect environment for their team.

    Our fitout services have become increasingly popular for a range of reasons most notably:

    Full Service Approach

    We’re dedicated to bringing to life tangible office fitout solutions that are executed precisely as planned. That’s why we offer a comprehensive end-to-end fitout solution. We design, seek relevant approvals and certifications and perform all construction work to make the entire process smooth and seamless and ensure the final result meets your expectations.

    Personalised Service

    With most shopfitting companies you have to deal with different team members from sales staff, estimators, project managers and site managers. Repeating yourself multiple times can be tiresome and time-consuming. Our personalised approach eliminates that problem and streamlines the whole process. You’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire project from start to finish giving you more time to manage your business.

    Ongoing Support

    Business is an ever changing game. We’re here to support you as your business needs change, with modifications, updates and maintenance solutions. Our commitment to your company’s success continues long after the fit out is complete.

    Those are just some of the traits that are responsible for our strong reputation as dependable and trustworthy shop fitters in Brisbane.

    If you are looking for fast and efficient office fit outs in Brisbane, contact us today for a free on-site consultation. Let’s start transforming your work environment and make it a beacon of optimal performance.

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    5 Benefits of Having A New Office Fit Out

    Showcase Your Brand Identity

    How your office looks is how you are seen by your customers. Make a great impression on them with a new and improved space.


    Using the latest technology in the workplace improves efficiency and helps the company keep up with the changing times.


    Using sustainable materials for a new office fit out reduces your company’s carbon footprint. A fit out also is the perfect opportunity to install energy-efficient appliances and lighting to bring down operational costs.

    Improve Employee Performance

    Having a well-designed office fit out increases productivity in the workplace. By having ergonomic workstations and an inviting atmosphere, employees are more energised to perform and deliver a great output for the company.

    Compliant With Safety Standards

    New office fitouts comply with the latest safety and health regulations and local building codes. Rest easy knowing your employees are safe and your legal obligations are fulfilled.

    4 Steps to Achieve A New Office Fit Out

    Free Consultation

    Call us to schedule a free on-site consultation. During the meeting, we discuss your design ideas and we’ll create an initial floor plan suitable for your space and requirements.

    Tailored Design

    Our design team refines the initial plan and creates a more comprehensive office fit out plan, tailored to your preferences and goals. We also get necessary approvals and certifications before providing you with a fixed price quote.

      Efficient Construction

      If you are satisfied with the design and quote, we move on to construction. We schedule the fitout closely with you to minimise disruptions. Our experienced shopfitters demolish existing structures and start building the office you envisioned. We also ensure a fast and efficient process to finish the project on time.

      Enjoy The New Environment

      After the final touches, enjoy the new look of your office space. Let your employees immerse in the freshly renovated and renewed environment. We will also provide regular maintenance and other support if required.

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      Office Fitout FAQs

      What is an office fit out?

      An office fit out is the process of constructing and modifying an establishment to make it a suitable working place. We design, demolish, and build offices for different sectors. We provide a full service approach for small office fit outs and commercial fit outs in Brisbane.

      Contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation.

      Why should I consider shopfitting services?

      A new office fit out elevates the establishment’s appearance and increases productivity in the workplace. Employees are more energised to perform when they are in a comfortable space, resulting in better results for the business.

      Call us today to inquire more about our other shopfitting services including retail, gym, restaurant, and clinic fitouts.

      How long does a fit out take?

      The duration depends on the size of the place. Large-scale commercial fit outs generally take longer than small office fit outs. The complexity of the design also affects the time to finish the project.

      Call us for a free consultation and we’ll create a detailed project schedule.

      How do you make a small office look bigger?

      A small office can look bigger with a well-designed fit out. The use of light colours and natural lighting gives an illusion of a larger space than it is. Proper placement of desks and chairs also contributes to that perspective. Additionally, multi use rooms with flexible furniture can help to maximise square meterage.

      Call us to discuss how we can optimise your small space to make it seem bigger.

      What layout design is best for my office?

      We tailor our design to your preferences and business goals. If you want to create a collaborative environment, we recommend having an open layout design. If you want smooth movement around the office, we’ll design a layout that promotes a good flow of direction.

      Reach out today to come up with a great layout design for your office fit out needs.

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