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    Commercial Gym Design and Fitout

    We are a construction company specialising in shopfitting services including office, café redesigns, restaurants, beauty salons, and commercial gym fit outs in Brisbane.

    We’ve completed multiple fitouts for household gym chains like Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness. Plus we’ve helped many private gym and health club owners across Brisbane fit out their gyms to stand out in the competitive fitness industry. Whether you are setting up your first gym or upgrading your current facility, we can provide the following:

    Full-service Approach – We streamline the entire process for our clients by offering a complete service from start to finish. We take care of the design, approvals and certifications, demolishing, and building.

    Personalised Service – Save a lot of time by dealing with just one point of contact throughout the entire project. Achieve your desired results faster with better communication and management.

    Ongoing Support – We offer continuous support to ensure that your facility keeps up with the growing demands as your client base grows by assisting with modifications, upgrades and maintenance services.

    Our team can help design and build a fitness environment that motivates customers to push themselves to be better. Combining safety and aesthetics, we set up a gym with durable equipment and a well-planned layout to create an efficient workout space for members and employees.

    Ready to start building your own rejuvenating fitness place? Call us today for a free consultation!

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    Don’t let your gym be considered people’s last resort.

    Nobody wants to go to an old gym with dim lighting and an outdated environment. They want to feel energised and motivated to be better in a place that inspires them.

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand the challenges of competing in a saturated industry. How do you stand out in the fitness industry and build and retain a strong client base? How will your gym serve as your clients place of motivation to become a better version of themselves? The physical workout environment itself plays an important role in not only differentiating your gym among the competitors but also creating an inspiring place where clients can get their best results ultimately helping your business succeed.

    That’s the reason why we ensure that our gym fit out designs are tailored to your company’s needs. We get to know your brand identity and understand your goals so we can create a conducive fitness facility that motivates both members and staff, which ultimately improves your reputation in the industry.

    Why are we an excellent option for a gym fit out in Brisbane?

    Full Service Approach

    As a construction company offering gym fit out services, we cater our services to both new fitness studio owners and established commercial gym establishments. We adopt a full service approach in our projects, streamlining the process from start to finish. Work with our team in crafting an optimal layout design, seeking approvals and certifications, and building your dream fitness space. We oversee the entire project to ensure that the plan is followed and minimise disruptions as much as possible.

    Personalised Approach

    We make the whole process easier by adopting a personalised approach in our projects. Throughout the entire project, you’ll only deal with one contact person, eliminating the problem of having to work with different people. Dealing with multiple people in different stages is a time-consuming process. By having a single point of contact, you’ll have more time to run your business.

    Ongoing Support

    We put a heavy emphasis on the safety of gym goers so we ensure that we use high-quality, durable gym materials that meet the fitness industry standards and regulations. We also incorporate the latest technology to enhance members’ experience and keep up with new trends. Maintaining the equipment is important in ensuring the members’ safety at all times. As your business evolves, we’ll also adapt your space to keep up with the latest fitness trends.

    If you want your name to be known in the local fitness industry, choose us to be your partner in creating your dream fitness facility. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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    5 Benefits of a Gym Fit Out in Brisbane

    Improve Brand Identity

    The fitness industry is constantly evolving and keeping up with the trend is essential in building your reputation. Creating a fresh and vibrant environment for fitness enthusiasts improves your identity in the market.

    Ensure Safety

    Safety is the most important aspect of a gym. By having a well-designed layout, accidents can be avoided while members do their workout regimens. Using high-quality materials that meet safety standards also contribute to the peace of mind of gym goers.


    Having energy-efficient lighting and fixtures in the facility keeps operational costs low.

    Equipped With Modern Technology

    Using the latest technology enhances members’ experience and increases the efficiency of membership management.

    Promotes Sustainability

    A new gym fit out uses sustainable materials to reduce negative impact on the environment.

    4 Steps to A New Energised Gym

    Free Consultation

    To start the process, contact us for a free on-site consultation. We meet you onsite to learn more about your ideas and inspect the area to find out potential design restrictions. Once we are done with consultation, we create an initial floor plan based on your space and preferences.

    Refine Design

    Our design team continues to refine the initial plan and create a more comprehensive plan. Then, we obtain the necessary documentation, certifications, and approvals before we give you a fixed-price quote.

      Efficient Building

      We demolish existing structures to start the building process. We schedule our gym fit out to minimise disruptions and ensure that we finish the project on time.

      Energise your growth

      See motivation levels of members, staff, and the public improve thanks to the fresh new facilities. We’re here to provide necessary maintenance to ensure the members’ safety at all times. If expansion is needed, we’ll extend our services as well.

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      Service Specific FAQs

      What is a gym fit out?

      A gym fit out is a process of transforming workout spaces into a motivating and stimulating environment for fitness enthusiasts. We provide a full service approach for small fitness studios and commercial gym fit outs in Brisbane.

      Call us today for a free on-site consultation.

      How much does a gym fit out cost?

      The cost of a gym fit out depends on several factors such as the size, design, and amenities you want to include. You also have to consider the equipment you need to acquire if you want to cater to different workout regimens. Depending on the project’s complexity, the cost can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars.

      To get a more accurate pricing, contact us to discuss your plans so we can give you a quote.

      Why should I use high-quality, durable materials for my gym?

      High-quality and durable materials ensure the safety of gym goers. Due to the daily use of the facility, it’s important that it’s designed to withstand the pressure of a rigorous workload.

      We guarantee that the materials follow safety standards and regulations of the fitness industry.

      How do I maximise our workout space?

      Bad gym layout design can cause accidents. If you have a limited space but want to accommodate different workout activities, you need to consult a professional. We can help plan and design a layout based on your needs and preferences without sacrificing aesthetics and quality. Having a good flow inside the facility lessens injuries and mishaps.

      Call us today and let’s discuss how we can maximise your space to create an efficient fitness facility.

      Do I need the latest technology for my gym?

      While some may not see the need for it, modern technology has a lot of benefits for your gym. It increases the management efficiency which makes it easier for employees to track memberships. Technology also helps in fitness tracking which many gym goers need to check their fitness lifestyle journey.

      Call us to find out why you should highly consider integrating the latest technology for your gym.

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