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    Restaurant design and fitout Brisbane

    Dreaming of establishing the newest culinary experience in Brisbane?

    We are a construction company specialising in shopfitting services including gym, cafe, office, retail store, hair salon, takeaway, and restaurant fit outs. We’ve completed fitouts for restaurateurs to help them share their culinary expertise with their customers. Whether you are looking to expand your restaurant or set up your first physical location, we provide the following to our clients:

    • Full Service Approach – We make our fitout process easier by offering a full service approach. We handle the design, approvals and certifications, necessary demolitions, and building and fitout of your restaurant.
    • Personalised Service – Our personalised service saves our clients time by having to deal with only a single point of contact throughout the project. Other companies make you deal with different people at every step. With our personalised service, we eliminate that time-consuming aspect for smoother project management and communication.
    • Ongoing Support – In case of expansion to cater for growing demand, we offer continuous support for your needs. We also provide maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that your restaurant can keep up with your growing customer base.

    Whether you want to provide a simple casual dining experience or an exquisite luxury dining experience, our team can help you build and fitout the restaurant that provides your customers with a unique and amazing culinary experience. With a well-planned layout and design that balances functionality and aesthetics, we can create the perfect environment for people who want to enjoy great food and ambience.

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    Avoid disappointing fitouts that don’t provide an ROI.

    When shopfitting services neglect the importance of optimal space layout, the consequences can significantly affect your business’s return on investment. An inefficient layout not only wastes valuable space but also hinders staff efficiency and disrupts workflow, leading to decreased productivity and customer satisfaction. These overlooked elements can turn what was meant to enhance your business into a costly misstep, undermining the potential for growth and profitability.

    Why Choose us

    We know the feeling of investing a large sum of capital into a restaurant fitout. Ultimately you not only want to create a fresh new space that stands out in a competitive market, but you want to ensure that the fitout yields a positive return on investment in the way of increased profitability.

    That’s when it really does pay to work with a professional shopfitting company that truly understands your situation, space, brand, and your vision and can provide innovative solutions that align with your end goals. Taking your entire situation into account, we make a design plan that optimises even the tightest of spaces to provide a layout which enables optimised workflows and customer comfort whilst perfectly aligning with your brand and attracting your ideal customers.

    Here’s why we stand out as Brisbane’s choice restaurant shopfitters:

    Full Service Approach

    We cater our services to both aspiring and seasoned restaurateurs. Adopting a full service approach, we streamline the entire restaurant fitout process from start to finish. Our experienced team helps design a tailor-fit plan for you, secure necessary approvals and certifications, and finally build and fitout your dream restaurant. Our end-to-end project management allows us to complete the project on time and minimise disruptions so your business can get back on its feet as soon as possible.

    Personalised Service

    We adopt a personalised approach to our restaurant shopfitting service. Throughout the entire process, you only have to deal with a single point of contact to maintain smooth communication. No need to go back and forth with different people at every stage unlike with other restaurant fitout companies. Experience greater time freedom and less stress when you work with us.

    Ongoing Support

    We provide continuous support when your business evolves, offering maintenance, modification, and upgrade services that you may need. We extend our services to ensure that your restaurant can still comfortably accommodate your growing patronage.

    If you want to create a new culinary haven for your customers, choose us to be your partner for a restaurant fitout. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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    4 Remarkable Benefits of a Restaurant Fit Out

    Establish Brand Identity

    In the hospitality industry, it’s hard to stand out from the pack. Having a well-executed restaurant fit out plan can give your customers a great dining experience. Finding the right balance between layout design and showing your unique brand identity is the best combination to establish your place in this competitive industry.

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    Customers love a great ambience when eating out. Great design and layout contribute to the dining atmosphere which enhances the overall experience. Smart lighting and sound systems also add to their dining experience. Aside from the food, customers value comfort while they dine.

    Improved Space Utilisation

    Professional fit-out designs make the best use of available space, whether it’s maximising seating capacity without overcrowding, creating multifunctional areas, or ensuring there’s enough room for comfortable movement. Efficient space utilisation can enhance customer comfort and increase your restaurant’s capacity to serve more patrons.

    Improved Staff Efficiency

    A good commercial kitchen layout improves staff efficiency. Employees are more energised to work in a restaurant with a good flow of movement. This allows them to do their job more efficiently and avoid bumping into other staff. Integrating technology with the service also speeds up the staff’s productivity. A restaurant’s success doesn’t just come from its appearance, service also plays a major role in it.

    An Optimised Restaurant Fit Out in 4 Easy Steps


    Already decided to start your new restaurant? Contact us today so we can schedule a free on-site consultation. We’ll need to inspect the intended space and get to know your vision. From there, we can create the initial floor plan based on your preferences as a foundation for the next step.

    Refine the Plan

    As we go more in-depth with our discussions, our design team can create a more comprehensive plan that aligns closely with your goals. We’ll incorporate your brand identity into the colour schemes, styles, and materials to be used. We’ll also start securing building permits and approvals during this step.

      Speedy Construction

      Once the plan is approved and we secure the necessary permits, we can start the construction. We understand that it may take some time, but we’ll strictly follow a schedule that allows us to finish on time and with minimal disruptions.

      Flourish With Your New Restaurant

      Watch your customers enjoy a great dining experience in your restaurant. With good food and an enjoyable atmosphere, witness how your place becomes the talk of the town. As your business grows, we’ll provide maintenance and upgrade services to accommodate your business needs.

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      Restaurant Fit Out FAQs

      What is a restaurant fit out?

      A restaurant fit out is a shopfitting service that transforms your place into a great dining experience. As a professional fitout company in Brisbane, we cater our services to both new and seasoned restaurateurs looking to share their love for food in their dining places. We also do takeaway fitouts for businesses catering to people on the go.

      Contact us today for a free consultation.

      How do I make my restaurant unique?

      Your brand identity is what makes it unique from other establishments. You have to create a memorable concept that shows your brand and captures your target market. Our in-house design team can help incorporate the concept into the restaurant’s styling, materials, and decor to effectively showcase your personality.

      How long does a restaurant fitout take?

      Depending on the project’s size and complexity, the fitout can take from several weeks to several months. However, we ensure that our projects are completed on time thanks to our streamlined, full service approach.

      For a more accurate answer, contact us so we can do an on-site consultation.

      I’m tight on budget, can you still deliver a great fit out?

      We will do our best to work within your budget without sacrificing quality. Where budgets are heavily restricted we can help you identify the most important elements to create prior to opening and which aspects can be added at a later date when financial resources are more readily available. We do our very best to support our client’s endeavours to achieve holistic success in their business ventures. Contact us today so we can discuss more about your goals and our team can provide a plan that aligns with your intentions and budget.

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